A New Beginning

A New Beginning
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Last May, I did some work with the Student Publishing Initiative, a fantastic institution that helps students make their own publications -- and we're talking real, page-turner books, not student newspapers. One of the projects was with Horizon Academy in Rikers Island Jail, and I recently found out that they're using my work to help convice inmates to go to school.

That is just so unbelievably freaking cool. I also recently completed a project that was the centerpiece of a successful proposal to get a school more than $200 million in badly needed funds, but something about this tugs at my heartstrings even more.

I've gotten publication clearance for the Rikers images, but for this use I figured I'd use an image that keeps the inmates anonymous.


Random Excellence: Kathryn Obermaier

Popular Photography pointed me to the site of Kathryn Obermaier and her fantastic documentary work on bodybuilders, interpreting the tension of their lives and skin in really interesting ways. She, unsurprisingly, is a graduate of the International Center of Photography, my favorite place on Earth to go when I need inspiration. Whether for a course or for a show, I've met so many dedicated, brilliant photographers there that I always leave itching to up my game. Definitely check out her work, as long as you're in a place and/or mental state where you're able to see men in extremely small bikini underwear.

Flickr releases stats

Flickr has released a detailed stats page for paid users, including all referrals for each image and overall … including search engine terms.

I was surprised how accurate the search engine terms that find my photos generally are … most people are finding what they're looking for. But I think the thousands of people looking for pictures of Zach and Vanessa kissing are likely looking for the High School Musical stars, not these guys:

Presenting Zach and Vanessa

Here are a few more searches that stood out to me:

  • evil rabbits (pictures)
  • biggest wristwatch
  • i'm wanted i'm hot i'm everything your not
  • wooooah
  • toes get sucked
  • what does a headshot look like (I'm thinking kind of like a shot of someone's head)
  • wonder woman sexy armpits pics
  • dead people photography

A blog to call my very own has been happy with the work I've been doing for their Amazon Daily blog, so they've given me my very own blog. I have some different options for output there, so I can feel fairly free to write about my experiences in the business of photography as well as general photography tips and news without spamming people who don't want to read about each wedding I shoot. This means a few things:

People who want to follow my business, especially non-LiveJournal users, should probably follow it at that page. Here is a personalized RSS feed

People who want to follow inane details of my personal life should get a LiveJournal account and have me add them as a contact, so that will not be syndicated.

This is an exciting time. If you want to read my introductory post, go here.

Mike and Michelle, May 25, 2007

It might be something about New York, but the idea that weddings are for summers hasn’t been true here -- my fall was almost as busy as my summer this year. I have one more wedding for the year in my lopsided season, which means it’s time to focus on album designs and actually getting around to blogging all the weddings I’ve been shooting. So let’s reach way back to …

Mike and Michelle,
May 25, 2007

I was looking forward to this wedding, in Western Pennsylvania, especially after we had so much fun on the engagement session:

Not only are they a hilarious couple who had a great energy throughout the day, but I got to use my favorite assistant for this wedding, my fiancé Andrea!

Coverage was short (four hours), and photography was highly restricted during the ceremony (what the pastor says, goes!), but as you can see we had a great time! The highlight of the day was after the ceremony, Mike’s family surprised the couple with their get-away car -- the same car Mike’s grandmother and grandfather used for their wedding!