January 18th, 2007


Cory Booker, Mayor on a Mission

Cory Booker, Mayor on a Mission
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I'm glad I waited to post this. I saw Street Fight last night, a fantastic documentary about Cory Booker's hard-fought 2002 campaign for mayor of Newark against the thoroughly corrupt Sharpe James. Run to rent it. Booker -- a Rhodes scholar and Yale Law graduate who lives in one of the worst buildings of the worst parts of Newark just to stay connected to the city -- is a powerful argument against the idea that politicians are a necessary evil. He's not just a great orator; he believes in his mission. There's a there there, heart and soul.

Utata had an interesting thread about Leni Riefhenstahl and the nature of propaganda. I think this filmmaker set out to present a fair picture, but the truth was that there was a good guy and a bad guy, so the film is incredibly sympathetic to Booker. And it works -- I'd vote for the guy for president one day, if you could ever pry him away from Newark. The cynic in me thinks that he's going to need one heck of a guardian angel to keep from being assassinated, though -- how many mayors of mid-sized cities need 24-hour police protection?

He IS Oprah's favorite mayor, though ... she might protect him.