March 5th, 2007


Olympus releases new dSLRs, hints E-1 successor

DPRewview has the news, including a preview of the E-410. Two things that I thought were worth a note:
  • I thought it was a bad sign for Olympus when they only released the E-400 in Europe; that reeks of a company on its last legs. But the E-410 has world-wide release, so Americans can try out a dSLR so small that it looks positively cute.

  • The E-510 has image stabilization, making Nikon and Canon pretty much the last remaining no-body-IS stalwarts. This likely also means the upcoming E-1 successor will have IS as well, making it only the second advanced-level dSLR to feature this, after the Pentax K10D. If you're one of the few sinking large amounts of money into an Olympus system, in-body-IS plus the 14-35mm and 35-100mm f/2 zooms* will be a heck of a low-light combo, especially if they've made strides against their ISO noise problem.

    *For the uninitiated, these lenses are at least twice as light-sensitive as virtually any other zoom lens ever made.

All I can say is …

If 2 a.m. comes around and Nikon releases only an update to the D40, their consumer dSLR, I will be extraordinarily displeased. I'd rather have no new release at all, which would merely mean they're in a disarray, not that they're turning their back on the pro user.

UPDATE, 2 a.m.: DAMN IT.


55-200mm DX VR

Nikon: Going to make money hand-over-foot.

Nikon pros: Left behind.

You know, I like Pentax a lot. But if Nikon is trying to make themselves the new Pentax -- going just where the money is in the short term, without service to the higher end -- I'm looking for the exit.