March 8th, 2007


The Many Sides of Yue

When I do model portraiture, I generally use it as an excuse to try out a lot of different, new techniques. I like a touch of chaos keeping it fresh, which means I generally prefer no stylists, no make-up artists, no reflectors, no assistants, no catering, no nothing -- just well-scouted locations, a selection of wardrobe, and a bunch of ideas. It means that no single shot has that magazine feel, but there's a lot of variety. It comes in handy for practicing techniques that I use in the field, when all the hangers-on aren't an option anyway.

Here's how that played out on a warm Saturday afternoon with Yue, an actress and dancer who wanted a combination of beauty and motion shots. As soon as she said "I'll bring a fake tutu!" I knew I'd like working with her.

Yue Levitates Her Hair

The Loneliest Ballerina

Last Look

Yue: Blown Away

Yue: Against the Rails

Yue Takes it to the Streets

You Might As Well Jump