May 7th, 2007


Wither the S4's?

When Fuji released the S5 Pro, a lot of Westerners said "Wait a second. I'm using the latest Fuji camera now … the S3. Did I miss something? I have my cardinal numbers down pretty well, and I think there's another one in the line."

OK, the snark may not have been that detailed, but you get the picture. One of the upshots of living in a global market means you get to deal with global superstitions, and apparently the number four is bad luck in some parts of Asia. Well, now Canon has followed suit, following their S3 IS with … you guessed it … the S5 IS.

So now we have an S5 Pro and an S5 IS, very different cameras from different companies. Canon has also introduced the 30D, even though they already had a D30. Not to mention that the D40 and D50 cameras are Nikons, but the D60 is a Canon. Why is there such a narrow range of acceptable camera names these ays? Again, probably the global market, which wants you to keep it as simple as possible -- otherwise you get the "Digital Rebel," 400D and "Kiss Digital X" being the same camera in different markets. Welcome to a flat world.