May 23rd, 2007


Two quick thoughts on S5 Pro versus D200

As I use the S5 Pro more, there's a couple things I've noticed that may influence some people.

1) I do hit the buffer wall on the S5 sometimes. Shooting sports I'd hit it a lot, but we all know this isn't a sports camera. But I hit it sometimes in portraiture -- you know the stereotype of the fashion photographer, yelling "That's it! That's it!" and snapping away wildly. It has a basis in truth -- when things align just right, you find yourself hitting the shutter a lot to capture the best iteration. Things are at really high energy and keep building and then … the camera stops. You need to develop a different sort of rhythm to keep this from happening … and, of course, you need to be able to shoot without looking at the LCD screen, because after that burst the image review isn't going to come up for a long time.

2) But this is even more important to me. When I finish a big shoot where I've used both cameras extensively, I never find myself looking at an S5 shot and saying "Boy, I wish I'd shot this with the D200." But from High-ISO noise performance to dynamic range, I find myself saying the reverse a fair amount.