June 15th, 2007


May 19, 2007: Marisa and Adam

It's been a frenetic, fantastic month, but now that I have a (small) break, I can properly tell you about some of the fantastic couples I've been working with.

I make it a point to get to know my couples well before the wedding day, which means I often get caught up in the emotion of the wedding. That definitely happened with Marisa and Adam, who were great to be around through the whole day. I mean, this is a couple that didn't even lose their cool when we were very nearly broadsided by a van blowing through a red light about 60 miles an hour. "Wow," said Adam, "Killed on our wedding day? We would have made the Post for sure!"

Marisa gets her hair and make-up done in her apartment

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It's official: I am a blogger for Amazon.com

The metamorphic conga line
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Hey, everyone. I've been keeping this under my hat for a while. I have been made the official Cameras and Photography blogger for Amazon Daily, the new blog run by Amazon.com. My first post just went up, see it here!

It will be a bit more aimed at novice audiences than some of the stuff that has been here, but I've been given a very loose rein. Also, FYI: I specifically worked out a compensation package that would let me be editorially independent -- I get no money at all from click-throughs or your purchases, so if I recommend something, it's because I actually believe in it.