July 25th, 2007


ModelLaunch's better mousetrap

As my continued pimping of Facebook shows, I'm a fan of Web sites that take existing business models and say "There's a problem here. Let's do this better." Just as ModelMayhem drastically improved on the annoying interface and pay-to-play of OneModelPlace, so has ModelLaunch improved on all the things that annoyed me about ModelMayhem. Album management is easier, searches are more precise, you can look for actors instead of just models, and the site just looks better. I don't spend a great deal of time on these sites, but my preliminary profile is here.

There's one caveat: Even more than normal networking sites, user base is a huge factor, since you're searching for talent. There are a lot fewer users at ML so far, which limits its usefulness, but it's offset by a higher overall quality of user, either because of the early-adopter factor, a more stringent verification process, or both.

UPDATE: This reminds me that it's hard for me to look through a lot of fashion photography at once. Everyone seems so darned sullen.