November 10th, 2007


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It may seem strange that my favorite photography blog is written by someone who proudly professes to have no interest in being a photographer, but I've fallen in love with A Photo Editor. Admittedly, I'm probably the perfect market -- I have a lot of respect for magazine photography even when the final product leaves me dry, and the Myth-of-Sisyphus work ethic is right up my alley, the kind that will make someone shoot 700 perfectly exposed pictures, turn in 70 and grease-pencil 7 for one quarter-page photo, or do eight hours of set-up to make sure the client doesn't have to be on the set for more than three minutes. At the same time, I'm way too populist to give myself over to that world, so I don't have the bitterness that you see flaring up in the comments from photographers who A Photo Editor isn't hiring. In any case, it's provocative, insightful, funny, and a different kind of voice than you usually hear unless you're in that world.