December 14th, 2007


Flickr releases stats

Flickr has released a detailed stats page for paid users, including all referrals for each image and overall … including search engine terms.

I was surprised how accurate the search engine terms that find my photos generally are … most people are finding what they're looking for. But I think the thousands of people looking for pictures of Zach and Vanessa kissing are likely looking for the High School Musical stars, not these guys:

Presenting Zach and Vanessa

Here are a few more searches that stood out to me:

  • evil rabbits (pictures)
  • biggest wristwatch
  • i'm wanted i'm hot i'm everything your not
  • wooooah
  • toes get sucked
  • what does a headshot look like (I'm thinking kind of like a shot of someone's head)
  • wonder woman sexy armpits pics
  • dead people photography