Ryan (ryanbrenizer) wrote,

A blog to call my very own

Amazon.com has been happy with the work I've been doing for their Amazon Daily blog, so they've given me my very own blog. I have some different options for output there, so I can feel fairly free to write about my experiences in the business of photography as well as general photography tips and news without spamming people who don't want to read about each wedding I shoot. This means a few things:

People who want to follow my business, especially non-LiveJournal users, should probably follow it at that page. Here is a personalized RSS feed

People who want to follow inane details of my personal life should get a LiveJournal account and have me add them as a contact, so that will not be syndicated.

This is an exciting time. If you want to read my introductory post, go here.
Tags: amazon, photography

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