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Ryan Brenizer Photography

27 November 1980
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acting, adirondacks, adventure, agnosticism, alfred north whitehead, all-nighters, amélie, analysis, anatman, ani difranco, aphex twin, bach, ballroom dancing, banilla yogurt, best of times, buddhism, chai, christina, computers, conversation, cooking, cover songs, cunning linguists, dancing, dar williams, debate, digital photography, disco dancing, don delillo, dostoevsky, douglas adams, eddie izzard, elvis costello, epistemology, family, fidgeting, flirting, food, fordham university, gerard manley hopkins, guildenstern, h.l. mencken, herman hesse, hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophilia, history, homer, homer simpson, hot sauce, idealism, ideology, improv, indian food, information, intellectual conversation, intelligence, jazz, jet li, jim, john cusack, joseph campbell, journalism, kama sutra, kant, karate, karl popper, kissing, kitsch, lake placid, language, laughing, law, linguistics, lists of favorites, literature, love, m. c. escher, macs, mark twain, martial arts films, massage, media criticism, meta-, movies, music, mythology, nabokov, new york city, news, newspapers, peirce, phenomenology, philosophy, photography, physics, pithiness, plays, poetry, politics, procrastination, punk, pushkin, reading, real genius, revelry, right-wing, road trips, rosencrantz, russian literature, sarcasm, satire, schadenfreude, science, semiotics, sex, sexy geeks, sexy nerds, shakespeare, shenanigans, sifl and olly, sinfest, skulduggery, sports night, standing out, star wars, stop domestic violence, sunsets, swing dancing, t. s. eliot, talking heads, teachers college, teaching, tenacious d, the beatles, the princess bride, the state, theatre, thinking, tom jones, travel, understanding, used book stores, walking in the rain, william james, wit, women, working out, worst of times, writing, yeats,